2015 Committee

What Does the Committee Do?


Each year in February the Interclub Bay Cruise holds its Annual General Meeting, Flag Officers are elected and a new Committee of boating colleagues is formed to organise that year’s Cruise. It’s made up of people from all walks of life, who have one thing in common – a love of boating. Delegates from affiliated boat clubs are also nominated.


Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month. New members who'd like to be involved in creating this fantastic event are always welcome ... as many hands make light work. If you'd like to be part of the fun, contact our Secretary via email for details.


Mike Morris  

“Jodien”  BOAT (delegate)





Col Ramsay  

“QNard”  WMYC (delegate)


Committee Members
Flag Officers

Vice Commodore

Anton Prange 

“Imagination”  MBTBC (delegate)




Marion Petroff  

“Suzie II”  BOAT




Rear Commodore

Warren Lowry

“Ballore”  WMYC (delegate)




Past Commodore

John Elliott 

“Sea All”  MBBC 



Kevin Ball

“Mako”  BOAT (delegate)


Noel Gilbert

“Pacific-Gem”  WMYC (delegate)


Magazine, eNews & Web Editor

Sharon Felschow

“Sunseeker”  MBBC



Ray Lotz

“Seacret”  WMYC (delegate)


Therese Marty

“Real Thing”  MBBC (delegate)


David Mason-Cox

“Sunshine”  MBBC (delegate)



Steph Morris

“Jodien”  SYC (delegate)


Radio Ship & Berthing Master

Andrew Petroff

“Suzie II”  SYC (delegate)


Cruz Nooz Editor

Sue Park

“Popaleupagus”  BOAT (delegate)


Ann Sheriff

“Tango”  MBTBC (delegate)


Ian Simeon

“Over Sea’er”  RQYS (delegate)